Trust fund

If you are in hardship and unable to pay your water charges, for example due to illness, family crisis or losing a job then you may be able to receive a one-off payment to start again.

The Trust Fund, which is not part of United Utilities and is managed by independent trustees, is there to help our customers with genuine financial problems. The aim of the fund is to help people and where possible get them back on track financially by providing a grant towards their debt.

In order to be considered for a grant you will need to complete an application form. Your individual circumstances will then be assessed confidentially by a specialist advisor in the Trust Fund.

The trust is specifically there to help customers and offer support and encouragement to manage bills in the future. It is an offer of help to make a significant difference for those customers in severe hardship and unable to pay their bills.

If you think you may qualify and want to be considered for a grant then you can contact the Trust Fund direct on 0845 1791791 or at Alternatively you can contact your local Citizens Advice who will help you apply to the Trust Fund.

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