Reservoir safety

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Every year, particularly during summer, people are risking their lives to take a dip in reservoirs.

But reservoirs, lakes, rivers and other bodies of open water can be deadly. Freezing water, hidden debris, and underwater currents from pipework, mean that they are extremely dangerous.

Our countryside rangers and North West Air Ambulance paramedics share their real-life stories about the dangers they see every day, like the dad teaching his young son how to 'tombstone' into icy water, teenagers celebrating the end of term by diving off water towers and families letting children go out alone on cheap inflatables.

North West Air Ambulance paramedic talks about the reality of reservoir rescues and how it's often difficult to reach these remote areas and a sobering interview with mum Beckie Ramsay who tragically lost her son, Dylan when he got into difficulties while swimming with friends in open water. Despite being a strong swimmer, the cold water on a hot summer day proved fatal.

Beckie said: “It was hard doing the interview for the film, it always will be. But if hearing about Dylan’s death means that one less young person will be tempted to go into the water this summer, then it’s worth it. People need to be aware of the danger”.

Please stay safe and stay out of reservoirs.

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