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Domestic Search Price

CON29DW Search

Commercial Search Price
A1 and A3 Drainage and Water Enquiry      £180.73
A4 Drainage and Water Enquiry     £96.30
Commercial Mixed and Small £81.15
Plans Price                
A1 Sewer £96.28
A3 Sewer £32.96
A4 Sewer £18.89
A1 Water £96.28
A3 Water £32.96
A4 Water £18.89
Additional Products Price                
A1 Charge Per 100 hectares             £96.28          
Extra Connection check (only available on full Commercial search)    £26.50    
Commercial Water Plan and Connection Check £40.57
Domestic Water Plan and Connection Check £26.12
Additonal Question Price                 
Distance to Sewage Works Per Property Address £4.81
Internal Foul Flooding Per Property Address  £4.81
Poor Water Pressure Per Property Address £4.81
Building Over Searches £4.81
Expedited Charge for 24HR Turn Around                                         £10.11              

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