Are you a student moving home?

Moving out of student halls or family home into rented accommodation for the first time can be really exciting. But it can also be really boring, especially when you need to sort out the bills.

If you’re a student, it’s dead easy to let us know you’re moving into your new digs*. Just give us a call on 0345 026 7661 and we promise to make the whole thing as fun as water bills get. Honest. You can then get on with all that studying you’ve been promising to do.
When you call, it should only take us about 10 minutes to set up your account.

We’ll ask you for:

  • The date you moved (or are due to move) into your new address
  • Your previous address
  • The name and address of your landlord
  • If your new home has a water meter, we’ll ask you for a reading *Not sure how to read your meter?

Even though you’re a poor student and have more important things to spend your money on, we’re sorry to say we still have to send you a water bill. However, if you’re sharing, you might want to think about how you split your bill so you’re not left with the lovely job of nagging everyone for their share. It might be wise to speak to your student union to see the best way of setting this up.

One option could be to pay your bill monthly by setting up a Direct Debit - and we’ll even give you a fiver off your bill for paying in this way. After all, every penny counts when it comes to living the student life.

*very sorry if the word ‘digs’ is now out of date as it’s been 20 years since we were students! crying face emoji

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