Just moved into the North West or paying water bills for the first time?

Welcome to the North West – we’re here to help!

We know that moving home is stressful enough without worrying about your water supply – just give us a quick call on 0345 026 7661 and we’ll make the whole thing as easy as possible.

Ideally we need to know you’re moving into your new home no more than 28 days before the removal van turns up on your doorstep. Don’t worry if you’ve already moved – just call us on 0345 026 7661 so you can tell us your new address.

When you call, it should only take us about 10 minutes to update your details.

We’ll ask you for:

  • Your new address
  • The date you moved in
  • If you’ve already moved and your new home has a water meter, we’ll ask for a meter reading. *Not sure how to read your meter?

If possible, it would also help us to know:

  • The name and new address of the previous occupier, if you have it
  • If you’re renting, the name and address of your landlord or housing association

Are you new to the North West and not sure if we’re your water company? Take a look at this map to check if your new home is in our area.

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