Difficulty paying your bill

If you're having trouble paying your bill, please give us a call on 0800 072 6765.

We know that being in debt can be very stressful, but our message is simple - don't suffer in silence. Our team is on hand to help you work out which of our payment methods is best for you. We have a range of assistance schemes for our household customers which you may be eligible for and we've explained more about these below. Remember, the sooner you call us the quicker we can help - so please call us now on 0800 072 6765.

Allowance scheme

Our pound matching scheme, where every pound you pay, we will pay a pound too.

Support tariff

If you owe money on your previous year’s bills our support tariff could help you get back on track.

Direct water payments

Our fixed payment plan amount that is taken directly from your benefits.

United Utilities Trust Fund

Helping our customers get on track financially by providing a grant towards their debt.

FREE independent advice to help tackle your debt

PayPlan, StepChange and National Debtline all provide FREE advice to help you tackle all your debt problems, not just water. They have experts on hand via free helplines and have a range of online tools you can use for free to create debt action plans personal to your specific circumstances. Please click on each of the organisations below to visit their websites to read more about how they can help you find your way out of debt.

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