Connecting to a public sewer

iconPlease note our change of address for sewer connection part one and part two applications. So as not to cause you any delays, please send all applications to:
United Utilities Developer Services, Windermere House, 1st Floor, Lingley Mere Business Park, Lingley Green Avenue, Great Sankey, Warrington, WA53LP 

You must have written approval from us before you can connect to a public sewer. Our sewer connection guide contains all information you should need to arrange this and to complete a part 1 - sewer connections application form (PDF) and WORD.

Once you have written approval for the proposed sewer connection, your contractor or builder must also apply for permission to carry out the work. We will assess this application to make sure that anybody working on the public sewer is appropriately qualified and can carry out the work safely and to high standards. See our Request to work on public sewer Part 2 – Contractor Guidance document for all the information your contractor will need to complete the form.

Please also refer to our standard sewer connections details document when writing up your application.

The contractors application form part 2 - request for permission to work on public sewer is available in PDF and can be found in the related links on the right of this page.

If you are offering your new sewers for adoption, and have completed the relevant Section 104 application form prior to connection, you do not need to complete the Section 106 application to connect to the public sewer form as well. The sewer connection will be picked up in the sewer adoption process.

Your contractor still has to request permission to work on the public sewer.

You and/or your contractor must not complete any work on the public sewer without prior agreement from United Utilities.

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