Leak detection and repair

Don't let your business profits drain away!

If you think you might have a leak on your water network, you need to act fast. Water leaks are often not visible above ground so they can go unnoticed for months. 

While a water leak is running it’s costing you money as you will be billed for the water that is leaking away.

In addition, if your water supply is cut off as a result of the leak it could cause loss of production or your business to close. The leak could also get worse and cause damage to other parts of your site.

A leak of 1 cubic metre per hour could cost… 
 £66 per day
 £462 per week
 £2,008 per month
 £24,090 per year*

*based on 2015-16 measured water charges

A pool of water can be a sign of a leak but, as they’re not always visible, increasing water bills or an exceptionally high bill could mean you have a leak.

Leak detection

Our leakage specialists undertake a survey to establish if there is a leak on your water network and, in most cases, can locate leaks without the need to dig up the ground.

Leak repair

Once we have located the leak our specialist technicians can fix it by repairing the existing pipework or, if it’s in poor condition, replacing the pipe. Where possible we use leak repair methods that minimize disruption to your supply so your business can continue to operate and costs to your business are reduced.

Smart meters can provide early notification of leaks allowing you to respond quickly.

A service you can trust

With knowledge and expertise gained from managing water networks across the North West, we have the experience and skills to find and deal with most problems.

Promptly repairing leaks will save your company money and minimise disruption to your business.

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