At a strategic level, we consult with the local planning authority and promote suitable sites that can be serviced with water and wastewater. Before work can begin, most types of development or building work will need planning permission from the local planning authority.

Our Developer Services and Planning Team review all planning applications published on local authority websites to make sure we can support the proposals. This could be as simple as making sure we have no assets in the way of your new buildings, to making sure our water and wastewater networks can cope with the increased demand.

Local planning authorities don't have to include the comments we make in their planning determinations (the decision and conditions they place on proposed development), unless the development is going to pose a major physical risk to one of our assets e.g. building over an aqueduct.  However, as we have good relationships with local planning authorities, they will usually take our comments into consideration.

Talking to us at the early stages of planning your development is important as this can avoid possible delays if we discover a potential problem when you make your application for planning permission. Through early discussion about proposed development, we can understand, advise and plan how we can support the requirements of your development. 

You can contact our planning section at

National planning practice guidance

We encourage you to consider your development in the context of the National Planning Practice Guidance which refers to the new Non-Statutory Technical Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems