Help to Pay scheme

We know that for some customers, meeting regular water bill payments can be difficult. That is why we have introduced a new scheme to help those customers who are amongst those most in need of financial support. Called ‘Help to Pay’, customers accepted on to the scheme will have their annual bill capped at a set amount.

Are you eligible for the scheme?

To be accepted onto the Help to Pay scheme you, or a person living with you, must meet the following criteria to apply:

  • be in receipt of Pension Credit (either Pension Guarantee Credit or Pension Savings Credit);
  • live at the address which is on your water bill; and
  • meet our affordability criteria. As part of the application process you must provide us with income and expenditure information for the entire household so we can carry out an affordability assessment.

In addition, water supplied to the premises is not used for:

  • watering a garden (other than by hand) by means of any apparatus; or
  • automatically replenishing a pond or a swimming pool with a capacity greater than 10,000 litres.

If you meet our eligibility criteria please download our Help to Pay application form and return this to us. Please ensure you complete all sections to avoid any delay in processing your application.

Note for customers who receive their wastewater services from Welsh Water: Does your bill have Welsh Water wastewater charges on it? A small number of our water customers receive their wastewater services from Welsh Water and are billed for both services by United Utilities. If this applies to you, you will only be eligible for the Help to Pay scheme for your water charges, but don’t worry, Welsh Water also has a scheme called ‘HelpU’ which you may also be eligible for. Please visit Welsh Water’s website for more information.

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