Water pressure

When you turn your taps on, you can expect your water pressure to have enough force and volume to easily fill a glass or kettle, for example. We provide water at a minimum pressure of what’s known as seven metres static head, which should be ideal for day-to-day use (in simple terms, this means the water pressure should be powerful enough to fill a 4.5 litre (1 gallon) container in 30 seconds).

If the water pressure in the communication pipe to your property falls below seven metres static head twice within a four week period (each time longer than an hour) you can claim £50 once per year. If we’re aware of this problem we’ll pay this automatically.

This doesn’t apply if the drop in pressure is because of restrictions due to drought or because of required work to resolve an emergency such as a burst main, planned works on our water mains or problems on your own pipework.

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