Understanding my bill

How your bill is calculated

The amount we charge you for our services depends on whether or not you have a water meter. If you have a water meter, you'll pay for the amount of water you use and the amount we take away. If you don't have a water meter, we'll usually work out your charges based on the property's rateable value.

See a bit more about how we work with the water cycle to deliver great tap water and help you flush and forget.

Find out more about charges

Part of your bill also funds improvements in the water network and the environment across the North West. Find out about Investment in your area

Our services to you

For further information about the services we provide together with an explanation of what you pay for, take a look at 'Our Services to You' leaflet - this leaflet is sent to all our customers once a year with their bill. We produce two versions of this leaflet - one for customers with a water meter and one for customers who don't have a water meter.




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