Arrears allowance scheme

We recognise that the current economic climate and growing rates of unemployment are making it increasingly difficult for people to meet their financial commitments, and we want to provide assistance during these difficult times by helping you to pay your water bill.

The Arrears Allowance Scheme provides a fantastic opportunity for you to bring your water account back up to date and hopefully get you back on track with paying your bill.

The scheme has 2 tiers which means for your first 6 months on the scheme we will match your payments £1 for £1, provided you pay in line with the payment plan we set for you. After 6 months and then for every payment you make thereafter, as long as you continue to make payments in line with the payment plan, we will match every £1 you pay with a £2 allowance to your account until the arrears are cleared.

This scheme is not applicable to all customers; however each customer is individually assessed. Eligibility for the scheme is dependant on the level of your arrears at the time of your application.

Am I eligible for the Arrears Allowance?

To be eligible for the Arrears Allowance Scheme you must:-

  • Be able to cover your weekly / monthly ongoing water charges
  • Metered Customers – At least two full measured bills unpaid
  • Unmetered Customers – Current year’s charges are unpaid and at least one further full year’s charges remain unpaid.

If you think you may qualify and want to be considered for our Arrears Allowance Scheme please contact us on our freephone number 0800 072 6765.

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